Iran Air 655

On Sunday July 3, 1988 the Iran Air 655 took off from Bandar Abbas in southern Iran for Dubai. 275 passengers and 15 crew member were aboard the flight; all hoping to safely arrive to Dubai in less than an hour from take off, totally unaware that they were soon to be all perished by two missiles that were fired at them by the US Navy ship that was stationed just underneath; in Persian gulf.

Iran Air 655 website is dedicated to the Memory of 290 innocent people who lost their Lives that day, as well as thousands of others, families and friends, whose lives were impacted, forever impacted by this tragedy.

If you know any of passengers, or if you were witness to the incident or its aftermath, we want to hear from you. Most importantly, we want to hear from families and friends who lost a loved to this incident.

This website will gradually evolve into a more comprehensive recourse about this incident. Our ultimate goal is to publish a book about this incident.

Hossein Tirgan